Pre-Order Nikon D800 and Nikon D800E



Finally the new Nikon D800E 36 MP Digital camera has been officially announced from Nikon Japan and available for pre order on Amazon! The amazing thing Nikon is that they are releasing lots of killer features from top pro bodies in this very affordable camera. Canon what ya got cooking now? Hope something good!



Finally the new Nikon D800E 36 MP Digital camera has been officially announced from Nikon Japan and available for pre order on Amazon! The new Nikon D800e has a 36.3 MP cmos sensor and deliver around 108 mb files

 This is the link to the Nikon D800 (not the Nikon D800E, they are the same, one doesn’t have the AA filter which can render images a bit sharper but also can cause some moire).

Nikon’s latest DSLR boasts core technology borrowed from the top-end D4, married with a 36.3MP CMOS sensor that comfortably eclipses the rest of the DSLR market in resolution terms. As well as first impressions of handling and operation, and an in-depth look at the D800’s specifications we’ve also dived a little deeper into the D800E, the D800’s sister model, which lacks an anti-aliasing filter.

  • Extreme resolution 36.3-megapixel FX-format (35.9 x 24.0mm) CMOS sensor
  • Full 1080p HD broadcast quality video and minimized rolling shutter
  • View simultaneous Live View output on external monitors and record uncompressed video via HDMI terminal
  • Multi-Area Full HD D-Movie Video Recording Mode
  • Comprehensive high fidelity audio recording and playback control


A Beautiful, Yet Scary Oak Alley …

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fog  scary street prints for sale louisiana live oaks foggy
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I have been trying to get this mystical shot for quite some time, I don’t just drop by and snap…I have a shot in my mind’s eye and try to conquer it. I have been waking up at 5 am and drove to the spot 4 times, but as always, you cannot plan what nature will do…Besides, humans are always in the way to screw things up too. I met the infamous Murphy there a couple of times. That son of a gun is no good and always in the way! I still ended up getting exactly what I wanted I can now finally say it LOUD & CLEAR:).

I was so happy when I finally got these two shots of this beautiful, yet scary alley of oak trees !

fog live oaks scary trees llouisiana prints for sale
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St Louis Cathedral in a gumbo of fog, sunshine and clouds…

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St Louis Cathedral Fog photography
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I  don’t ever get tired of shooting the French Quarter in New Orleans, maybe because it’s so European and I feel at home, maybe just because it’s so unique! In the middle of  it all, first  to catch the sunrise and the fog poured in by the River is the St. Louis Cathedral. I particularly love these new photos I took since the fog is patchy  and not  “layered” evenly everywhere. The St. Louis Cathedral is lit by the sun, everything else is  in the fog, yet Decatur Street is still in the shade, and the sky is blue with clouds in it too! There is a “whole lot of light going on”, in other words…A gumbo of light :). Please do not forget to scroll down on this post, there are also a couple of other shots that I LOVE, one of Decatur St. at sunrise and one of the New Orleans Skyline , yep, French Quarter again…

To order fine art prints of the images below please click each one and you will be taken to my other Fine Art Photography site This blog dos not allow you to order any prints. For licensing feel free to contact me at Canon[at]

St Louis Cathedral fine art photo print
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To see  more New Orleans photography and purchase high quality prints please visit

Foggy St Louis Cathedral prints for sale
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To see  more New Orleans photography and purchase high quality prints please visit

St Louis Cathedral prints for sale
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To see  more New Orleans photography and purchase high quality prints please visit

aerial view of french quarter new orleans
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To see  more New Orleans photography and purchase high quality prints please visit

decatur st new orleans prints for sale
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French Quarter Photography at Forever New Orleans on Royal Street

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 Click image to see Google map of store location

I have recently started displaying my work at Forever New Orleans in the heart of the French Quarter! If you are a local, you already know where the place is located at, but if you are visiting, the address is: 700 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA 70116 . It is very close to Jackson Square and Preservation Hall (corner of St. Peter and Royal St.). If you are shopping  for some of the best photos of the French Quarter in New Orleans for yourself or as a gift, you must see these Canvas Gallery Wraps! Sizes range from 20″x 20″ to 10″x 15″ they are stretched on wooden frame and  ready to hang. (Signed of course).

To see  all of my available New Orleans Fine Art Photography and purchase them online, please go to .






Fine Art Photography at the New Orleans Hyatt Regency

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Five large prints of mine were commissioned by the New Orleans Hyatt Regency Hotel for display in the exibit hall by the lower ballroom, towards the back of the hotel. If you happen to visit New Orleans and/or  stay at the newly remodeled (recently re-opened after almost 6 years after Katrina) Hyatt Regency, which is not too far from the Mercedes Benz Superdome my photographs are displayed on either side of the lower ballroom entrance. To get there you will need to go to the third floor of the hotel, walk towards the back, passing the first restaurant to the right and the second to the left ,then take the stairs down to the lower ballroom, the prints are on either side of the entrance to the ballroom. Please have a look and feel free to comment in here anytime to let me know what you think. Your feedback will be very welcome.

Below is another shot taken at the Hyatt Regency , if you’ll click on each (above and below this text), you will be taken on my New Orleans Fine Art Photography fullfillment site ( ) where you will be able to order these same pictures or choose among many others I have taken in the past years in New Orleans and in the French Quarter.

The five photos purchased from the Hyatt  Regency Hotel are also shown below. Please scroll down and click on each image to see them larger on my site where you will be able to order high quality fine art prints of these shots, among many others.


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second line print for sale
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second line print for sale new orleans
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second line prints new orleans
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new orleans musicians photo for sale
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2011 Christmas Photo Gifts Guide

Finding photography related gifts for Christmas is fairly easy, if you are a photographer that is! I compiled a list of affordable and useful gifts for your special someone so all you have to do is go through the photo goodies and make the 2011 Christmas ho-ho-holiday shopping experience painless! (do not forget to got to if you where you can also purchase my fine art photos of New Orleans and send your own home or family/pals! )

X-Rite Eye-One Display 2, Complete Monitor Color Calibration

This has to be my all time favorite “gagdet”!!! I have  bought it recently and each and every time I send out my files to be printed on ANY pro photo labs anywhere, the prints matched exactly what I have seen on my screen!!! Quite a killer and useful gift for under $200!!!

The Xrite Eye-One Display 2 is an, easy-to-use, powerful solution that provides the best monitor profile quality ever! With enhancements to both hardware and software, you’ll achieve consistent, predictable color on all types of monitors (LCD and CRT). Eye-One Display 2 features an enhanced sensor providing higher repeatability, faster measurements and higher sensitivity in the dark areas for better control in shadow detail and a more neutral gray scale. Its lightweight, sleek design is the same as the original Eye-One Display and comes with an Ambient light head (which also acts as a dust protector), a built-in counterweight for LCD displays plus an integrated suction cup for CRTs. The included Eye-One Match 3.6.2 software has an easy-to-use interface and even provides an Easy Mode for great results with a few simple clicks.

Aquatech Sports shields

I have one of those and I use it when it’s pouring down with my Canon 5DMark2 and I love it! I have researched these covers for quite a while and the Aquatech brand is absolutely the best; beside its great fabric and professional fit, these rain shields have an eyepiece that holds the waterproof neoprene lined hole in place and perfectly aligned with the camera’s viewfinder, so you will basically look through a hole in the shield into your viewfinder. Other cheaper and clear brands of rain covers “floats” and hang freely away from the viewfinder making focusing almost impossible. There are different sizes and models depending on the body and range of lenses that the photographer plans to use with the Aquatech Sports shields. So make sure that do you order the correct eyepiece for the body that you are using with the rain shield. to see exactly what model to get depending on the body (Canon /Nikon) and lenses plus eyepieces you can visit the Aquatech site (on the left hand side “Find an eyepiece” once you figured out what rain shield to get, you can select the body to see the exact model of eyepiece that you need also).

PhotoVision 14″ Pocket One-Shot Digital Calibration Target with DVD, Collapsible Disc Exposure Aid for Digital Cameras

Loss of Highlight or Shadow detail is reduced or eliminated by the use of this 14″ Digital Target which has black, white & 18 % gray panels that feedback through the camera’s histogram providing correct exposure with predictable results. Still large enough to fill the frame in most situations but folds to just 6 inches to allow carrying in your pocket or instant access when using with the included belt pouch slip case. Soft silver fabric on the backside creates an efficient reflective surface to open up the shadows. Created by photographer Ed Pierce, perfect for the Digital Image Maker both in the studio or on the go. The Panel feeds back through the camera’s Histogram. Rather than using a single middle tonal value, you can customize your exposure based on the histogram spikes that record the highlight & shadows. The Neutral 3-Tone Panels allow for custom white balancing, accurate metering and exposure monitoring through the camera’s histogram function all with a single shot. Vastly improves setup time over the original target, minimizing the need for post correction to your image files. Drastically reduce your workflow on the back-end by getting it right on the front-end. By using the Digital Calibration Target, you can achieve perfect exposures and white balance every time. Included is a One Hour Instructional DVD featuring Ed Pierce, the Target’s inventor.

Lensbaby The Composer for Canon EF mount Digital SLR Cameras

All Lensbaby selective focus SLR camera lenses provide photographers with a new way to control depth of field by bringing one area of a photo into sharpest focus with that Sweet Spot surrounded by graduated blur. By bending the Lensbaby lens, the photographer moves the sharp area around the photo for customized creative effects. Read all the reviews and great ratings Lensbaby gets from people who bought it (scroll on the bottom of page once there on the Amazon page). Make sure that you get a Nikon mount Lensbaby if you are buying it for a Nikon DSLR user!

Canon TC80N3 Timer Remote Control

This Canon TC80N3 timer remote controller for EOS is equipped with quick-lock remote control socket (Shutter release function is provided). It connects to the camera via 80 cm (2.6 ft) cord and the mode button sets the mode and the convenient Jog dial that allows entering values with a single thumb sets the time or number of exposures. With this remote you can set a self-timer, intervalometer or interval timer, long-release or long exposure timer (for Bulb exposure). The Canon TC80N3 timer can be set for any time from 1 sec. to 99 hrs, 59 min, 59 sec. The LCD panel can also be illuminated for easy reading.

  • Ideal for time-lapse photography including blooming flowers and astrophotography
  • Remote switch with a 2.6-foot cord
  • Self-timer, interval timer, long-exposure timer and exposure-count setting features
  • Easily enter the numeric settings with a single thumb
  • LCD panel can also be illuminated

If buying for a Nikon user you can purchase the Nikon MC-36 Multi-Function Remote Cord instead. Price $136.61

See this killer time lapse video here below done with a timer remote …Time lapse photography has been hot for quite a while and I don’t see that interest slowing down anytime soon! Do not buy cheaper off brands alternatives anywhere since they don’t last at all and they are a waste of money! Price: $ 135.98

Canon EF 1.4X II Extender ( Telephoto Extender )

Multiply the focal length of your 135mm or longer lens by 1.4x without sacrificing image quality with the Canon EF 1.4x II extender. Optically superb, the lens fits all Canon 135mm fixed focal length lenses (except the 135mm f/2.8 Softfocus lens), along with the EF 70-200mm f/2.8L, 70-200mm f/2.8L, 70-200mm f/4.0L, 70-200mm f/4.0L IS USM, and 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS zoom lenses. In addition, the extender doesn’t sacrifice your autofocus on any EOS camera as long as it’s combined with a lens having an f/4 or faster maximum aperture (the extender reduces the effective aperture by one f-stop). Best of all, this version maintains the outstanding optics of the earlier incarnation, but adds a weather-resistant construction and improved anti-reflective surfaces in the barrel. The EF 1.4x II extender, which measures 2.9 inches in diameter and 1.1 inches long, weighs 7.8 ounces. I do have one, use it often and I strongly suggest to get this instead of the 2.0x extender. The 1.4X II quality is unreal and you only lose one stop of light! Price  $299.99

If buying for a Nikon user you should this consider this instead:
Nikon TC-17E II (1.7x) Teleconverter AF-S for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras

nikon_tc_17e_II_1.7xNikon TC-17E II is the first teleconverter to offer 1.7x performance. Designed exclusively for use with AF-S and AF-I lenses, the AF-S Teleconverter TC-17E II completes the Nikon lineup of 1.4x, 1.7x, and 2.0x compact teleconverters.With dimensions of just 66 x 31.5mm (2.6 x 1.2 in.) and a weight of only 250g (8.8oz.)(approx.), the Nikon AF-S Teleconverter TC-17E II allows focal length to be extended by a factor of 1.7 times while retaining a sense of overall comfort in the hand. Many such teleconverters can also have a detrimental effect on the speed of the lens, however the AF-S Teleconverter TC-17E II makes available f-stops only 1.5 stops slower.The AF-S Teleconverter TC-17E II also has the ability to communicate with the signals from most lenses. Furthermore, it supports the convenient Nikon Vibration Reduction (VR) function, has a design that is consistent with the current TC-14EII and TC-20EII, and Eco-Glass is also used.This product is designed for AF-I & AF-S Lenses only. Price $549.95

Here are some hourly updated lists of Amazon’s that you might find very useful for your HO-HO-HOLIDAY shopping and give you some extra ideas!

Happy Ho-Ho-Holidays!!!

Photoshoot with Saxophonist Donald Harrison

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Some images I shot recently with saxophonist Donald Harrison for the cover story of Berklee Today, (a magazine of the Berklee College of Music) :  “Donald Harrison, ’81, A Sense of History”. The shot above was chosen for the cover of the magazine. some of the best shots and the one used for the center spread are below.




Fine Art Engagement Photography in The French Quarter

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engagements new orleans

engagements new orleans








Vanessa & Patrick



Just a few shots from my latest engagement photo shoot with Amy and Christian from Dallas TX.  The shoot was done early in the morning in the French Quarter of New Orleans; and when I say early, I mean EARLY, (just after sunrise), when the light is great and the temperature is more manageable. The streets and alleys in the French Quarter are more romantic when they are deserted. A beautiful day with a beautiful couple form some great pictures which they will hopefully enjoy forever. As we say in Italy: Auguri e figli maschi, Amy and Christian! 🙂





Here below is another enagement photo session done in New Orleans French Quarter with Natalie and Conar from Tennessee

New Orleans is one of the most romantic, colorful and  photogenic cities in the US,  full of opportunities for unique engagement photo shoots. While the French Quarter was still crowded with lots of people still hanging out from Mardi Gras’, we managed to get some great images thanks to the location scouting I did a few days before the photo shoot. As you can see from the images below my main focus (pun intended)  is to shoot with a modern and more graphic feel to it than a photojournalistic style. Framing the photos balancing spaces and objects in relation with the couple and color palettes of the French Quarter was my approach which I think worked quite well. Of course I did take some more everyday type photos since the French Quarter was really too crowded to take only those clutter free graphic type images, it would have taken a week with  all the traffic and tourists!. What a lovely and fun couple to work with…These below are just some of the shots for you to see.  Thank you Amy and Christian + Natalie and Conar for the trust and the hard work!








2011 Satchmo Summerfest

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This is the second time that I have attended and shot the Satchmo Jazz Mass at the St. Augustine Church in Treme. The event is part of the annual Satchmo Summerfest which is held every year at the old US Mint on Esplanade Ave. in New Orleans. To be perfectly clear last year I didn’t actually attend “all the way”, since I wasn’t expecting the church to be so crowded so early, I ended up getting there a bit too late to get in, so I was stuck outside waiting for the function to end  so I could shoot the second line!  As many of you  know, Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong was a native New Orleanian, and that is the reason why we celebrate his birthday with a Jazz Mass, second lines and music, (lots of it) . To see more pictures from the 2011 Satchmo Summerfest are here.


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Getting up “very” early allowed me to position myself close the brass band, on the exact side of the church where I had planned to be on…Actually when I got there, St. Augustine Church was still closed :). I’m pretty satisfied with the photos, hard work always pays off!

 More pictures from the 2011 Satchmo Summerfest are here

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 More pictures from the 2011 Satchmo Summerfest are here

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St Louis Cathedral and Lucky Dogs Photographs

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Prints of  St Louis Cathedral new Orleans
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This image of St Louis Cathedral makes me VERY happy since I waited for quite a long time yesterday to capture this photo. I have seen many shots of St Lous Cathedral, but the light, weather and angle in this photo, makes it very unique,  moody and romantic. It was very well worth it to deal with rain and super high humidity yay! It is available as a 10″x 10″ or 20″x 20″ fine art print or as a 20″x20″ giclees (canvas gallery wrap).

On Decatur Street in New Orleans
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To see  more New Orleans photography and purchase high quality prints please visit

Photo print of lucky dogs cart on bourbon st
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If you have read the famous book a “A Confederacy of Dunces” you should already know about these Lucky Dogs carts that are all over the French Quarter selling “gourmet hot dogs”. I tried to eat one once, but since I wasn’t drunk ( I don’t ever drink) it tasted pretty nasty to me. Maybe I forgot the relish , who knows, maybe it is true that people just eat them to soak up some the handgranades  they have had :). Anyway, getting back to business, this image is available as a fine art print here.

To see  more New Orleans photography and purchase high quality prints please visit