Actor’s Headshots and Portraits Photo Sessions

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headshots new orleans
headshots new orleans

headshots new orleans


headshots new orleans


headshots new orleans


New Orleans Headshots



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kids headshots new orleans
kids headshots new orleans


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new orleans headshots


Headshot photographer new orleans



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new orleans headhots


New Orleans Head Shot

Your Headshot is Your Strongest Tool and Calling Card!

Headshots and Portrait sessions are available to anyone in the New Orleans metro area that are in need of professional photography for personal use such or portfolio submissions for acting or modeling. The photo sessions are done outdoors using, natural, available lighting or even indoor if you have a location in mind that is bright enough in your house, (by a window) in your greenhouse, etc. I am not a fan of artificial light, therefore I only use natural light and  the brightest and best lenses that Canon makes. So, pick a date and location in the New Orleans metro area and please contact me Canon[at]  a few days in advance to schedule with me.

Let an award winning professional photographer shoot you headshot, I have over 25 years of  photo experience and I will make you stand out!

Rates and Details

Photo shoots are priced at $300, are done by award winning professional photographer Alfonso Bresciani and includes:

  1. Photo session on location (two hours shooting )
  2. Ten of the best images from your photo shoot will be selected by photographer Pompo Bresciani, cropped and professionally adjusted, (color balance, contrast, saturation. Cloning and skin smoothing extra @ $50 hr ) and will be posted online in your own public or password protected gallery. You will then be able to download the ten digital files
  3. One of the best ten shots, selected by you, will then have a white custom border with your name on the front side
  4. All ten digital files will be available for you to download for print reproduction which you will be able to print anywhere

TO BOOK AND CONFIRM  A SHOOT, A NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT  IN THE AMOUNT OF $50.00 VIA PAYPAL IS REQUIRED, HOWEVER PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST TO SETUP UP THE DATE AND LOCATION (Even if you don’t have a PayPal account you will still be able to send the deposit using  a credit card).

I look forward to seeing you in my viewfinder! 

New Orleans HeadShot

New Orleans Headshots

New Orleans Headshot Photography


New Orleans Headshot Photography




head shot new orleans


 actor headshots new orleans

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new orleans heasdshots

Headshots Testimonials:

Thank you again for such a great session, your work is amazing , which is why it took me so long to pick one! Thank you again so much and I’m recommending you to all my actor friends! Nicole

Thanks! They look fantastic! You did such a great job. Christina

Thanks so much! I love them all. I am sure I will want to take some more pictures with you again. It was fun! Thanks again, Rachel

Thanks! You did an amazing job!:). Jacob

Great!!! They look really good. Robin

Your headshot must be good. It has already gotten me one audition and one job. Jamie

Thank you very much it was a pleasure working with you the pics are “killer”. Nicole

Hi Pompo! You did a wonderful job.  I’m really happy with them. Thanks again! Rachel

The pictures are phenomenal. We are so pleased with them! Sandy

The photos look great.  I really like the color on the one shot that I used for Facebook. Lisa

Pompo! Thanks so much again! Everything turned out wonderfully. Gerald

Thanks for the great shots!  Hope to work with you again in the future. Jack

They are great. Thank you! We are honored to be included  in your other gorgeous pictures. Tamara

He keeps getting auditions, so it seems to be working! Thank you. Muffin

Hey! They turned out awesome! Allison

Actors Headshots New Orleans



Professional Headshots New Orleans Louisiana by Pompo Bresciani





 Headshots new orleans photography













Let an award winning professional photographer shoot you headshot, I have over 25 years of  photo experience and I will make you stand out!

If you are thinking of pursuing an acting career, please do keep in mind that movie productions and talent agencies aren’t only searching for good looking people; lots of extras and actors are marketable because of their unique characters and features. These are a few of the qualities that makes them interesting and therefore successful in getting noticed. Danny Devito is one great example…Don’t you love him? He is one of my favorite actors and despite being 5′ tall, overweight (and balding), he has managed to become one of Hollywood’s most versatile actors! With all the new motion pictures coming to New Orleans, the needs for actors and extras it’s only gonna get greater, so be yourself and do market yourself for who you really are, nobody better than you knows what your strenghts are!








Professional Headshots in New Orleans, Louisiana







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  1. The 5 pics that will be out on the website and given free, are those for us to keep, meaning that we have the right to make copies ourselves when needed? Or do we have to go through you and pay you each time? I do like your photos. Looking forward to hearing from you,

  2. Hi Analiese

    Thank you for your comment.

    After I have chosen the best 5 images and they are online, you do get to download the images on your own pc and print them anywhere you like.

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