My Photos Published in National Geographic Traveler


January 13, 2014
These two pictures taken at the 2011 Satchmo Summerfest second line have been published on the December 2013/January 2014 of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELER print issue (above), and iPad article, full spread (shot below). Not only the National Geographic publication included on their article “Best of the world 2014” the City of New Orleans, but they placed it first on its list! Pictured above from left to right are Jennifer Jones,  Selma Heraldo, Louis Armstrong’s beloved neighbor and friend, and Yoshio Toyama followed by the Treme Brass Band in front of the St. Augustine Church in Treme. I was indeed very happy to hear from Yoshio that he particularly loved the image with Selma very much, since he knew her very well and wasn’t expecting her to briefly join the second line with him that day. Selma Heraldo, the main living link to Louis Armstrong, sadly passed a few months later that year.

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