The “usual suspects” in Jackson Square, and Royal Street. Guest Star on the broom, Dr. Love !

January 22, 2014

Most street street musicians and artists in new Orleans performs where the tourists are, so they can make a living selling CDs and making a few tips while they do what they love. Beside the “first French Quarter stop” of Jackson Square, right in front of the St. Louis Cathedral, next, comes Royal Street, where most galleries are. There you will find performers lined up during busy weekends. Some of the musicians and artists line show up to hold their spot the night before just to make sure they have the prime spot available on crowded weekends!

Yes Ma'am on Royal Street. Click image to view larger and/or purchase a print.
Click image to view larger and/or purchase a print.








These are just a few samples of the many photographs available for ordering online at or click on each individual image to be taken to my other  website.

Brass Band In Jackson Square. Click image to view larger and/or purchase a print.




I hadn’t seen Dr. Love in quite some time and just a few days ago I wondered what happened to him…There he was, in da Square in better shape than ever and with a bigger smile than ever! To see more pictures of Dr. Love click here.

2013 New Orleans Mardi Gras Photos

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Zulu float on Mardi Gras day rolling on Canal St. in New Orleans
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Here is a quick sample of some of my best shots taken during the super-mega-crowded 2013 Carnival season! More can be found on my other site where prints can be purchased…’Til next year: Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!!!


Maison LeMonnier in the French Quarter (click image to purchase a print)
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For some strange reasons I keep on getting attracted by the Maison LeMonnier. It’s really my European (Italian!) descent that I think drags me here. When shooting in the French Quarter I somehow end up shoot this corner house!  Something about the paint job, its balconies and shutters that really, and I mean, REALLY, remind me my early life growing up in Italy…I truly love this building which they still call the skyscraper since it was the very first three stories high building in the French Quarter.


Maison LeMonnier  in the French Quarter New Orleans Lousiana
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I actually have a couple more of Maison LeMonnier (!) taken during Mardi Gras but I won’t post them here on this blog, due to time  and bandwidth constraints. Please check my site to see more and/or to purchase fine art prints.


Kelly Clarkson on Endymion
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Mr. Pete Fountain
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The one and only… Jazz Legend Mr. Pete Fountain!
While walking in the French Quarter very bright and early,  heard some music and I practically bumped into Pete Fountain with his marching band and float! He was ready to be getting interviewed by a local News Station WWLT and was nice enough to strike a pose for me.