Kermit Ruffins @ Second Line in New Orleans to honor Michael Jackson (open edition photo prints)

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The Second line to honor Michael Jackson, held on Sunday, June 28, in New Orleans (St. Bernard Ave.), and sponsored by the Revolution Social Aid & Pleasure Club was so packed, not like anything I ever seen before! It was a lot of fun; and, although the heat was horrible, they were people dancing every freaking where! Dancing from top of cars to high billboards and bus stops! New Orleans own Kermit Ruffins was there too. Click here to see the Second Line in New Orleans. All images taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L USM I figured as hot at it was and since I had to walk a lot the most important thing was to be light! I didn’t regret that decision at all BTW.

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New Orleans Lake Lawn Cemetery Photography

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Did a run for a few hours yesterday at the Lake Lawn Cemetery, it was incredibly HOT, but I managed to get a few killer pictures before I had to run away from the heat! I need to go back soon in the morning since they open at 7 am.

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Getting ready now to go to New Orleans for the Michael Jackson Second Line celebration, please come back tomorrow to see some photos!

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