New Orleans Canal Street and the CBD at twilight

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Canal St. New Orleans (please click image to view larger and/or purchase prints)
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Canal Street in New Orleans (Click Image to view larger and/or purchase)
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New Orleans...the magic city at twilight. Click to see larger and/or purchase print.

I have been drooling for a quite awhile now for these types of images and have been wanting to take them facing downward to Canal St. in New Orleans at twilight. Canal Street is very unique, so long and wide, but it is also very hard to shoot unless your are up high, and I mean way up there. These shots here were taken from the top of the World Trade Center building at the foot of Canal Street where the view is just incredible and beyond description; you  will be surprised also how strong the northerly winds blows when it gets funneled between the rows of buildings on Canal St.!  The images are available in square or rectangular format. Please click each of them to the to my other site where you can view them larger and/or purchase them.