Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Wish List

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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV


Now that the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is reportedly undergoing testing there are already quit a bit of rumors on its possible new specs. Instead of rumors of mentioning what it is already being reported about its likely new features, I’m posting here my wish list, which in my opinion will further improve the new body.

  1. Visible AF points! Since the introduction of the 5D Mark III the viewfinder has been changed to a so called “Intelligent Viewfinder”. The irony of this name!!! The “Intelligent” Viewfinder uses a translucent LCD with superimposed display of the 61 AF points. These AF points are translucent and are very hard to see in bright daylight and they only become red in one shot AF mode, once focus is achieved or while changing AF points. When shooting in very dark places the available AF points aren’t illuminated and visible at all. In bright daylight with prime lenses (f/1.2 or f/1.4- f/1.8) these same AF points are nearly invisible! I even bought a 5 stops ND filter to let less light in during daylight shoots to make the AF points stand out more. The 5D Mark IV viewfinder should go back to the previous “dumb version” found on the 5D Mark II and 1D Mark IV, where the AF point selected were bright, illuminated and visible. Also, on previous Canon bodies, the other available AF points were visible as well (etched into the focusing screen).  How can Canon engineers even come up with this nonsense?Do they even have anyone testing cameras with primes? Or even testing them in different real life situations? The problem is with f/2.8 lenses and brighter ones; when using f/5.6 in daylight it’s pretty much fine. I’ve complained many times with Canon USA but of course it needs to be addressed with Canon Japan, where the cameras are designed, Canon USA can only forward the complaints to them. The same happens with the 1Dx  which they then modified and improved a bit with a firmware update, but it is still a workaround shortcut, not a permanent and final fix. So this is on the very top of my wish list for the upcoming Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. It comes even before more DR or better high ISO noise handling, this is a PRIORITY that Canon needs to address once and forever on each and every new Canon DSLRs.
  2. Illuminated buttons: Shooting at night, during concerts, movie sets, anywhere where the ambient light is very dim, it’s impossible to see the buttons. How hard would it be to make these switches and buttons illuminated? Nikon does it, can Canon figure out a cost effective way of doing it too? It would be ohhhh so nice to be able to turn them on when needed!
  3. Spot metering linked to the any AF points used, regardless of its position in the viewfinder. Currently on the Canon EOS 5D Mark III the spot metering is only in the middle of the frame and cannot be linked to any other AF areas used. This will be probably be implemented since it is found on the recently introduced Canon 7D Mark II and it has been a feature on the 1Dx.
  4. Clean ISO 6400, useable ISO 12800. This is really pushing it, but for my needs and experiences I would be extremely happy if Canon could manage to improve its high ISO noise to these levels. I rarely ever use with the Canon 5d Mark III an ISO higher that 6400. Actually I try not to exceed ISO 6400 period. The 1DX is a bit better compared, but it is still a long shot from being very good/useable at ISO 25600. Unless the image is cleaned up with quite a bit of noise reduction software or resized to 1000 px for web. A clean ISO 6400 and useable 12800 would make me a very happy Canon 5D Mark IV camper!
  5. Built in Wi-Fi. Yes, just like the Sony a7s, Canon needs to step up and implement it already. Stop making look like it is a premium feature and selling it as an add on. It is already on some Canon Powershot models and on the 60D-70D. It needs to come as a standard feature on the upcoming semi-pro Canon EOS 5D mark IV ( and pro body Canon EOS 1DX mark II)!
  6. More Dynamic Range. This is almost on the bottom of my wish list. Unless your exposure is really off or the scene presents and extremely high contrast, current DR in Canon’s bodies is pretty good, not as good as Nikon’s sensors (made by Sony) but the most visible difference happens at base ISO. As ISO is set higher the difference in more DR tapers off. I “almost’ never needed much more than what’s possible with Canon’s top bodies. Of course a couple of more stops could help in extreme contrast situations where you could push the shadows a bit more or recover some highlights. It would make it a stronger camera, but i’m not sure what is going on with Canon sensors at this point in time. Are they getting a new fab line? The future will tell.
  7. Silent shutter.  The silent mode is very good and super quiet on the Canon 5D Mark III, can it be made even quieter? Pretty please? For some strange reasons the “Silent Mode isn’t as quiet on the Canon 1DX. I’m hoping on the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV the silent mode will stay the same or it’ll even be even improved.