Cinemagraph (first attempt)

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Animated GIFs have been around for ages and thank you LORD (!) they are gone bye bye! What cinemagraphs and GIFs have in common then and how do you tell which is which? Cinemagraphs and animated GIFs are both short; very short, but while gifs are flashing and done by animating regular still photos and pretty much on the whole image, Cinemagraphs are shot with a DSLR camera, have a much more subtle animation in it, and for the vast majority, the quality of the image could really stand on his own as a still image and still look good. In my sample above, the subject is not really that great, but as soon as I saw a few samples and tutorials I had to run out an do it to try it and understand the concept, without worrying too much about finding a great subject to work with. Until next sample, (I can’t wait!) here above you can have a little idea and feel for it, it should have been saved as gif, instead I saved it as a movie. It can really be saved either way; I would prefer as a movie if made up of many frames, and as animated gif if fewer frames and lighether and I wanted to to diplay it on a website that can show animated GIFs (some social networks like Facebook don’t).
Cinemagraph tutorial